Annie Imagines Children's Book

A children’s picture book that captures the importance of fostering
children to positively connect to their experiences, enabling them to
remain open to inspiration and curiosity.

  • Butterfly on Bubble
  • Mama do you believe in fairies?

    When Annie thinks she sees fairies but isn’t sure, she turns to Grandma for an explanation and reassurance. By inventing imaginative encounters, Grandma helps Annie to see things in a new way, allowing her creativity to soar.

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  • Annie Imagines
Annie Imagines

Activity Pages for the Home and Classroom Included!

You see what everyone else sees… but you can think and imagine something different. We can use our imagination in what we create, draw, see or share with others. What can you imagine?

Annie Imagines

Children’s picture book focused on building children’s confidence through imagination, free expression, tolerance and curiosity of the unknown.


Available in Hardcover and eBook Formats.